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Our Favorite Sources for Healthy Recipes

Ah, November. With cold, damp weather already settled in, pumpkin spice latte season in full swing and any resolutions we started the year with long forgotten, we’re finding ourselves tempted by the decadence of rich food connected to the autumn and winter months and the ease of ordering a pizza and wings on a rainy night.

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So we’re getting ourselves excited about cooking healthy again (which, if you watch video number 5 in this blog post, you’ll know why) and making feel-good, delicious meals by re-visiting some of our favorite places to find inspirational - and often very easy - recipes to try. Bon appetit!

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  • AMBITIOUS KITCHEN. Monique runs a beautiful health-focused food blog with clean photography, creative recipes and feel good inspiration.

  • LOVE AND LEMONS. Chicago-based couple Jeanie and Jack lean toward vegetarian cooking for their family, so lots of delicious veggies to be found here. Search by ingredient or find inspiration by season.

  • SASSY KITCHEN. Julia presents the world with her seasonal, wholefoods that just happen to be gluten-free. She’s also sensitive to special diets. Not updated very often now, but a nice archive to browse.

  • MY DARLING LEMON THYME. Besides the catchy name, Emma’s blog is well worth a visit for her lovely collection of gluten-free vegetarian recipes.

  • LOCAL MILK. Though not fully dedicated to healthy eating, Beth has created a beautiful slice of internet dedicated to slow living, including recipes that can be searched by ingredient or special diet. Lots of healthy meals are included.

  • DISHING UP THE DIRT. Andrea shares her beautiful farm-to-table lifestyle from her land in Oregon. You can filter recipes by season or type of veg.

  • SMITTEN KITCHEN. Deb shares a wide range of recipes here, but there are lots of gluten free, vegetarian and generally healthy options to be found if you don’t mind being tempted by chocolate cake along the way (anyway, we so all deserve a no-guilt treat once in a while, right?).

  • MY NEW ROOTS. Sarah is a holistic nutritionist sharing her favorite recipes that fall in line with her plant-based diet, accompanied by beautiful photography.

  • THE FOOD GAYS. Vancouver-based, Jeremy and Adrian create some lovely colorful dishes and, though not exclusively “healthy”, they definitely incorporate wholesome ingredients into the majority of their recipes.

  • DELICIOUSLY ELLA. Struggling with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, Ella (who really needs no intro) experimented with food to help control her symptoms and has been on a mission to make vegetables cool ever since.

  • SPROUTED KITCHEN. Sarah is a wellness enthusiast and gets excited about food that comes in its purest form. Lots of wholesome family recipes to be found here.

  • SKINNY TASTE. Gina develops her recipes with a philosophy of eating seasonal, whole foods and maintaining good portion control (everything in moderation!).

  • ADVENTURES IN COOKING. Eva is an Oregon-based cook with a love of seasonal cooking and homegrown food and her photography is stunning too.

  • COOK REPUBLIC. Born and raised in India, Sneh now lives in the Sydney bushland and believes in cooking and sharing food that nourishes.

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  • OTTOLENGHI SIMPLE. This is the latest release from world famous chef Ottolenghi, with 130 dishes that use his signature Middle Eastern–inspired flavors in a simple way. Most are healthy and there’s a big focus on vegetables.

  • GOOD GOOD FOOD. Sarah Raven’s 250 recipes “make you feel well, look well and live longer by using the most beneficial ingredients and without ever compromising on sheer deliciousness.”

  • DELICIOUSLY ELLA. There are many books from healthy eating guru Ella Woodward to try, but a good one to start with is “100+ Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Recipes.”

  • GO WITH YOUR GUT. This one is targeted specifically at people who have a sensitive gut, but nutritionist Robyn Youkilis has shared a great selection of 75 simple and healthy recipes that anyone would love.

  • EAT. NOURISH. GLOW. Nutritional therapist Amanda Freer battled health problems through her 20s. These recipes were developed from the lessons that she learned about the way food affected her body and symptoms.

  • HUGH’S THREE GOOD THINGS. This is simplicity at its best with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s 3-ingredient creations. There’s a lot of healthy recipes that are wholesome and uncomplicated to choose from here.

  • IT’S ALL GOOD. Another cookbook author who consistently focuses on nutritious ingredients, in particular those that will give us more energy, is Gwyneth Paltrow. There are several books to choose from, but this is a great place to start.

  • GOOD AND SIMPLE. This collection of “recipes to eat well and thrive” comes from the ever popular culinary twins Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley who are revolutionizing the way we eat. An excellent starting point with their growing collection.

  • IN THE MOOD FOR HEALTHY FOOD. Jo Pratt’s book is fantastic for everyday, easy, delicious meals that focus on healthy ingredients, where to find them and why they are so good which means we’re also learning along the way.

  • GORDON RAMSEY’S ULTIMATE FIT FOOD. “Recipes to fuel your life” is the tagline for this Michelin-starred superchef’s cookbook that’s geared toward athletes like himself. The focus includes general wellbeing, healthy weight loss and strength and energy.

  • READY, STEADY, GLOW. A collection of healthy recipes by Madeleine Shaw, this book acknowledges that life is often a balancing act and there’s a need for simplicity to encourage us to eat in a way that is most beneficial to our minds and bodies.

  • THE DOCTOR’S KITCHEN. This is UK doctor Dr Rupy Aujla’s first book. He aims to make healthy eating a pleasure, focusing on easy, inexpensive recipes that draw on his medical knowledge as well as his experience overhauling his own heart condition through food.

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  • MAGAZINES. From Bon Appetit to Eating Well to Saveur, it’s worth browsing magazines for healthy recipes that appeal. Pass them along to friend when you finish with them or be sure to recycle. See their websites too because many share some recipes there too. It’s worth checking the websites of international magazines even if you don’t subscribe to their paper issues; BBC Good Food, Olive and Delicious are three for the list.

  • PINTEREST. Pinterest has a wealth of recipe ideas, many of them healthy options. If you’re not familiar that the source is a trusted one, check out the comments or do a bit of research before you start cooking. Many of the bloggers we listed above have healthy eating Pinterest boards you can follow. The platform is a great search engine, so you can look for specific ingredients you have available or names of recipes you have in mind already to find a good match. Check out our new Healthy Recipes Pinterest board!

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