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Looking Back: The Best Buddies Challenge 2019

First of all, thank you!

If you were an MTeamer during our fourth year participating in the Best Buddies Challenge, thank you. We had nearly 60 members this year. If you were one of our incredible corporate sponsors, thank you. If you donated to one of our team members, thank you. If you helped share our messages on social media, thank you.

Thank you to Meredith Lewis for being the best Chief Motivating Officer.

And thank you to John Christian, MTeam Captain, who keeps us all on our toes and whose vision, leadership and generosity has transformed us into the force we are together today. Of course, he has a message for you:

“This is our 4th year participating in the Best Buddies Challenge. We started with six people four years ago, and we were 60+ this year. I have never seen so many happy, smiling, and committed MTeamers in one place. I am still riding the wave of love and energy from this year’s experience and want to thank all of you for your passion and support for our community. Let’s make this 100 people for 2020!”  - John

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The Fundraising

Together, we raised an estimated $150,000 for Best Buddies in our 2019 season.

This money will go toward the programs that Best Buddies has designed to make the world a more inclusive place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in areas of employment, leadership, friendship and inclusive living. You can read more about their fiscal responsibility, each of those programs and where that money actually goes on our blog.

It’s only by coming together as a team and community that we could make the sort of impact that we’ve made this year, but we also want to give an extra special shoutout to our top 10 fundraisers who deserve recognition for their efforts:


Amazing work, everyone!

We also could not have made the impact we did without the help of our incredible and generous corporate sponsors: CAPA The Global Education Network, The Urban Hound, Anglo Educational Services and Apex Velo. We appreciate the ongoing support from all of you.

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The Best Buddies Challenge: Cycling, Running and Walking

Beyond fundraising, we also have some wins to celebrate in the physical challenges of the event! We’re thrilled to announce that three MTeamers placed among the top three in their chosen races.

Congratulations to Travis Wold for coming in at number one in the men’s 100 mile cycle ride.

Congratulations to Spencer MacAlaster for coming in at number three in the men’s 100 mile cycle ride.

And congratulations to Catherine Colon for coming in at number three in the women’s 5k run with a time of 23:27.

Left to Right:   Travis, Spencer and Catherine after their races

Left to Right: Travis, Spencer and Catherine after their races


Incredible effort from all of you and amazing accomplishments to be proud of. To everyone who pushed their physical limits for the Best Buddies Challenge, whatever those may be, a huge congratulations to all of you too.

The Jerseys

This year, we sent Spencer Williams up on stage to model our jerseys for a fashion show and competition. We’re very proud to have been the recipients of the Best Design and Concept award. If you know the story behind our jerseys, you’ll understand why we won. Plus, just look at them, right?!

Mer’s dad Greg reflected on Meredith’s experience at the event:

“Meredith recently enjoyed her 4th consecutive Best Buddies Challenge as a member of the MTeam! This year was especially memorable because the artwork that Mer created with her eyes was incorporated into our MTeam jersey design. Winning best jersey design was outstanding but, more importantly, it is a representation of how this event is so much more than one weekend. The MTeam is an inspiring movement driven by passion, love and the desire to empower all involved. 2020 here we come!!”


Press Coverage

Greg and Laura Lewis advocate tireless for Meredith (the “M” in our MTeam and our Chief Motivating Officer). Greg had the opportunity to speak with some local news teams to share the MTeam story and we are grateful that several of them, including CBS News and NBC Boston included us in their footage of the event. (Click the links to watch!)

Aaron Wong 9.jpeg

The MTeam Experience

Our wonderful videographer Aaron Wong captured some footage of the event that we’re excited to share with you:


From the community spirit that we felt with all of the MTeamers together in one place, to meeting the buddies, cycling, running, walking, enjoying the food and concert, it’s safe to say it was an experience worth repeating.

And we will be.

We’ve signed up for our 5th year as the MTeam already. Registration is now open. Join us for 2020?