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Deaf Awareness Month: 25 Instagrammers to Follow

September is deaf awareness month, so we thought we’d share a mix of people who are either deaf or hard of hearing themselves, or in many cases, parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, to follow on Instagram. There, they share their journeys, their experiences learning sign language, and the joy of seeing their children communicate. There are many more that are not on this list, so if we’ve missed any that you’d highly recommend, send us a DM at @themteamcares and we’ll add them!

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Two moms, Lana and Meag, with hard of hearing / deaf kids who came together to share their passion for learning sign language to communicate with their children. 

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4-year-old T tells stories, sharing her ASL journey. 

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Melissa Hyder is a mother of three, sharing her family’s journey with hearing loss. She’s also a school counselor. 

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Hannah is a cochlear implant mom spreading deaf awareness in the UK. Henry was born profoundly deaf and has cochlear implants.


Courtney Lebeau is an aspiring photographer and mom to two children, Scarlett who is hearing, and Bradley who has hearing loss. 

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James Knott shares his family’s journey with their son Nelson who is deaf and has cochlear implants. 

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Courtney is a mom to two, Finley and her brother Judd who was born with CHARGE Syndrome as well as severe and profound hearing loss.

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Lindsey is mom to Ava and Emma and is a cochlear implant parent and advocate in Chicago. 

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9-year-old Ivy identities as “Deaf Youth Trans” and is bringing intersectional activism into the deaf and trans communities for both deaf awareness and trans awareness. 

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Ashley Clark Fry endeavours to teach ASL thrift social media.

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Sheena McFeely is a deaf author, creator, motivational speaker and mom to Shaylee (who is also deaf) and Ivy (who is hearing). She founded and hosted the first ever awards ceremony “The Pearls” honoring deaf women across America. She also has amazing YouTube channel called ASL Nook.

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Stacy Abrams connects hearing families with the deaf and signing communities. 

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This is the Instagram of the educational TV show Signing Time. 

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Meredith teaches American Sign Language on her channel, with receptive practice in her stories and popular “fingerspelling Friday” challenges. 

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Katie Hope is mama to Odin and a lover of ASL, and advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing community. 

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Trayce Stoenescu is mom to Bear and Mila who are both part of the deaf and hard of hearing community. She talks shares their journey with ASL and cochlear implants and life in general. 

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Valli is a mother of two teenagers who were both born with hearing loss and have cochlear implants. She’s a hearing loss advocate and writer. 

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Morgan Snook is a writer and mama to two girls. Her youngest was born with mild-to-moderately severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. 

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Stef is mom to baby Helena and her older brother Theo who was born with hearing loss.

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Amy Ferrell is mom to two children, a hearing little boy Logan and a deaf little girl Charlee who has cochlear implants. 

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Erica is mom to two daughters, one hearing and one severely deaf. She’s studying ASL and interpretation and embracing the differences that deafness brings.

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Vanessa shares her daughter Elizabeth Grace’s life after being diagnosed with Congenital CMV.

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A mom of two, the oldest Cason, who is deaf and the youngest Corbin, who is hearing, an advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing community, and lover of ASL. 

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EmmaFaye is deaf. She shares her adventures with her hearing dog Hank. She’s a “Hearing Aid Fairy” at @aidthesilent, was Miss Antonio 2015 and 2017, and is on the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities.

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Megg Rose is a deaf performing artist whose songs are in sign language.

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