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You did good......

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. The MTeam's casino night was a huge success. We raised funds and spread awareness in order to help Best Buddies support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, like our Meredith and her family.  It is our hope that we all get used to the idea of lending a hand to people that are different than we are. Nobody is perfect at everything. We all need help at some point. Wouldn't we want someone to offer that help in a kind and understanding way? I'm sure none of us would like to be ignored or avoided. Nor would we want to be afraid to ask a question for fear someone would think us incapable. Lets try to put ourselves in someone else's shoes and think compassionately and empathetically. 

People with IDD's are living breathing humans with a mind that thinks the same thoughts and has the same feelings as the rest of humanity. Take the first step and smile at someone. So lets keep our good work going. Spread kindness and keep spreading it each day. Make that effort. Just one smile. 

Take a look at a few pics from the night.

Candyce Carragher