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10 Differently Abled YouTubers We Love to Follow

YouTube is an incredible resource when it comes to connecting with individuals who are differently-abled for whatever reason that may be. It's an amazing place to listen to stories, find out more what it means to live day-to-day with chronic illness, as someone who is deaf or autistic or who has a limb difference.

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There are many, many more channels out there that we could add to this list (so stay tuned for a follow up post or two down the line), but here are just 10 of the differently-abled YouTubers we love to follow: 

1. SPECIAL BOOKS BY SPECIAL KIDS. Chris, the host of SBSK, is not himself differently-abled, but he travels around the world meeting and sharing the stories of people who do have disabilities. His hope is to spread empathy and acceptance. Truly insightful, honest and often very funny.

2. ZACH ANNER. Zach is an award-winning comedian and he is hysterical to listen to! You may even recognize him from his own travel show "Rollin' with Zach" on the Oprah Winfrey Network back in 2011. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and talks about his diagnosis, daily life and travels.

3. ANNIE ELAINEY. Annie, a writer and advocate with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, identifies as "a chronically ill, disabled, queer, Latinx, woman of color". Her channel covers all of these topics as well as some of her creative pursuits.

4. JESSICA KELLGREN-FOZARD. A TV presenter and producer in the UK, this is Jessica's personal channel. She shares her life with her wife Claudia and their dogs, her passion for vintage fashion and what it's like to live with disabilities and chronic illnesses. She's also a strong supporter of British Sign Language (BSL).

5. SAMIVAYA JD. JD is a "visually impaired, 2Spirit, Hopi with Albinism" as well as a member of the LGBT community. He talks about his intersecting minority labels, his experience as a legally blind person, his relationships, daily life and the traditional values of the Hopi community. 

6. STUMP KITCHEN. If you love to cook, definitely check out Stump Kitchen which celebrates gluten free vegan cooking, body diversity and the amazing, unique ways we move through the world. A YouTuber with a fantastic sense of humor who was born with a limb difference. 

7. CHRONICALLY JAQUIE. Jaquie was born with a number of genetic mutations and other diagnoses of chronic illness, some of which she addresses or links to in the video below. She shares her life with her husband Judd and her lovely service dog Harlow and advocates for those with disabilities that are often invisible.  

8. SPEECHLESS WITH CARLY FLEISCHMANN. Carly is a non-verbal YouTuber with autism and recently a finalist for a Shorty Award. She is brilliantly funny, conducting interviews and asking hilarious questions. Below is her first episode which features none other than Channing Tatum!

9. ROBYN LAMBIRD. Vlogging from Perth, Australia, Robyn (also known as T-Rex) was born with Cerebral Palsy. She is a strong disability advocate and consultant, androgynous fashion lover, wheelchair athlete and model. This video below is different from the usual vlogs you'll find on her channel, but we chose it because it's a fantastic spoken word piece. 

10. FATHERING AUTISM. We hear much more from special needs moms on social media than we do from the dads, so Fathering Autism is a refreshing take on parenting a child with autism and battling the stigma that comes with it. This channel gives a great insight into daily family life. 

BONUS 11: THE MTEAM, OF COURSE! Lastly, don't miss our own YouTube channel. It's new and we're sharing some of our favorite MTeam memories from the Best Buddies Challenge, messages from our captain John Christian and a few laughs along the way (Thanks Craig and Catherine!). Please stop by and subscribe!

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