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10 Podcasts to Listen to While Training for the Best Buddies Challenge

Feed your mind while training your body for the Best Buddies Challenge with one of these fantastic podcasts on a range of topics like fitness, health, wellness, diversity, special needs and inclusion:

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1. WORK, PLAY, LOVE. Run by parents to two young children, Jesse Thomas (an Iron Man competitor and triathlete) and Lauren Fleshman (marathon runner, coach and author), “Work, Play, Love” has some clout when it comes to knowing how to balance life and a fitness routine. Episodes cover everything from running shoes to recovering from a bike crash to the exercise vs sleep debate. Tune in weekly at

2. RARE IN COMMON. A few years ago, the “Rare in Common” documentary shared the stories of several members of the rare disease community. Today, this Emmy-nominated film has stretched into the realm of the podcast to continue to tell talk to those whose lives have been touched by rare diseases - either directly or through their role as as parents, siblings, caregivers or others. Tune in at

3. THE RICH ROLL PODCAST. With over 50 million downloads, this is a popular one. Rich does a weekly deep dive into a variety of wellness topics covering everything from nutrition to fitness to entertainment to spirituality. His approach is more of an intimate conversation than an interview, designed to educate, inspire, provoke and empower. Tune in at


4. MAMA BEAR PODCAST. There’s a powerful community of parents out there who are raising kids with special needs. Mama Bear, run by Mary Susan McConnell, focuses specifically on the mothers in this group, inviting guests on her show to share their own stories and have conversations around topics like demystifying the g-tube, balancing special needs and a career as a parent and caregiver burnout. Tune in at  

5. EMPOWERING ABILITY PODCAST. Disability inclusion is a big focus of the “Empowering Ability” podcast, hosted by Eric Goll, a coach who works with families who have a loved one with a disability. Guests are invited to share their stories, memories, advice and opinion on everything from being a caregiver to mental health of those with developmental disabilities to relationship building and understanding the sibling experience. Tune in at

6. ALI ON THE RUN. Runner Ali Feller invites marathoners, everyday runners, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and other industry leaders onto her podcast to talk about their decisions, successes, failures and missteps in an effort to figure out how they can guide her own path - and in turn, ours. Past guests include Google’s Brand and Creative Lead Julie Brazitis, 17-time Paralympic medalist Tatyana McFadden and Nike Run Coach Jes Woods. Tune in at


7. ASK A CYCLING COACH. Dedicated to making you a faster cyclist, this one is for the Best Buddies Challenge century riders, those of you who take the fitness side of this experience maybe slightly more seriously. Coach Chad, Coach Jonathan and Nate Pearson meet weekly to answer cycling questions on anything from intermittent fasting to mid-race mechanicals to strength training. Tune in at

8. HURDLE. Emily Abbate was looking for deeper connections in her life when she created Hurdle at the beginning of 2018 and it took off, featuring people who went through a tough time - a hurdle - by integrating wellness into their routines. She shares the stories and lessons of some of the top CEOs and other inspirational people to inspire us to use wellness techniques to get over our own obstacles to become happier, healthier and more motivated. Tune in at

9. THINK INCLUSIVE. This is a long form podcast that features interviews with thought leaders in inclusive education and community advocacy, by host Tim Villegas. His episodes cover everything from autistic self advocacy to the future of special education to a look at the way people with specific disabilities are or are not experiencing inclusion in their lives. Tune in at


10. BULLETPROOF RADIO. Dave Asprey, an author, “biohacker” and researcher covers a variety of health-related topics either by experimenting on himself or calling in the experts. Recent posts from more than 500 include how to fall in love with your work, why you desperately need carbs, reflecting on the value of community and pushing the boundaries of conventional medicine. Tune in at

If you’re not yet training for the Best Buddies Challenge with us, head over to to find out what we’re all about and why you should be a part of it!

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